Be wise in choosing a laptop

After a few times to buy a laptop, I finally found some important things I look for when trying to buy a laptop. Laptops are not cheap electronic items. It is therefore important for us to be more cautious and careful in making choices. We must first understand what we need in buying a laptop. We also have to adjust the money that we have with the laptop that we need.

In the past, I bought a laptop with price considerations as the main priority. I pay less attention to the brand or manufacturer. When I saw a laptop with a relatively cheap price but have a high specification, its make me do not think wise. Finally I bought the laptop. Not until a year, this laptop has damaged the mainboard. I have to spend quite a lot to fix this laptop. Now the laptop is damaged and cannot be used again. Fortunately I was able to take his hard drive and use it as data storage.

Finally I bought an Asus laptop. I am very grateful to finally buy this laptop. Almost 2 years I’ve been using this laptop and until now there has never been a problem. This article did I make with this laptop. Hopefully this is a lesson for us all in choosing a laptop.

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Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p for Graphic Designer

best laptops 2014Convenience, speed and optimal performance laptop is expected criteria by many people. For those who immersed herself in the field of graphic design, they need a laptop that can respond to any of their work quickly. It is my own experience as an architect. When I make a house design, I should be able to transform my ideas into a laptop, so that becomes a good design and optimal presentation.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p 15.6 – Inch laptops is presented for graphic design workers like me. The laptop comes with an Intel Core i7 2.4 GHz Processor – 4700MQ, 16 GB of DDR3 RAM, 1 TB 5400 rpm Hard Drive ; 8 GB Solid – State Drive, 15.6 – Inch Screen, Windows 8.1, and 3 – Hour Battery Life. With this good processor and enough RAM, then my design work will be handled properly.

In the Amazon, the laptop get very good reviews from customers. The customer gives 13 reviews with an average value of 4.3 stars. This suggests that some customers have been satisfied with the performance of this laptop.
Okay, please wait for other reviews on best laptops 2014 on this site.

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Review about HP Pavilion 14-n019nr

top laptops 2014This time we will discuss the HP Pavilion 14-n019nr. What will we get from a Laptop made by HP, an Electronics manufacturer is already very famous? Well, here are the specs of the laptop

• This laptop comes with Intel Core i5-4200U Intel 1.6 GHz.
• With 4 GB DDR3L SDRAM memory, then your job will be light.
• You can store your data on a hard drive with a capacity of 500 GB 5400 rpm.
• 14-Inch Screen, Intel HD graphics 4400
• Windows 8, 6:25-hour battery life

The most interesting part of the HP Pavilion 14-n019nr is high enough processor and battery capacity that can be relied upon. We can use this laptop for 6.25 hours without loss for a power source.

Until now, the laptop is getting pretty good reviews from customers. There are 15 customers with an average of 4.4 stars which indicates that this laptop is quite liked by the public.

Well, I hope this little review can be useful to you. For more info on this laptop please click here. I will continue to present the information about the top laptops 2014 for you.

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Samsung Chromebook (Wi-Fi, 11.6-Inch)

samsung chromebookThis laptop is quite unique. It is a laptop that is made ​​specifically to perform activities such as browsing the internet, facebook, music streaming, and more. So don’t you think that you will do your activities on this laptop computer. That’s why it’s called a Chromebook, because it uses Chrome as its operating system.

If you are an internet activist either a hobby or become a professional job, you can try this laptop. I am sure there is more value which is given by the Samsung Chromebook than another laptop windows that we usually encounter. The Chromebook will certainly work faster and on target for Internet activities.

How much for this laptop? Please check directly here. You will get more info and reviews of the customer.

See another best laptops 2014 in this site.

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My experience in buying a laptop

I want to share my experience in buying a laptop. It is my own experience and hopefully it can be useful to you when trying to buy a new laptop. At that time I just started to work on a construction companies. Because of the need to make design then I intend to buy a laptop. I admit that when my money is very limited so do not dare to buy a laptop with brand names, because I think the price is definitely expensive. Finally after doing a survey and comparison, I find a laptop with high specification but sold at prices which are relatively cheap.

The laptop is FORSA fs 6681A with core 2 duo processor and 2 GB of memory. When early life, this laptop seems satisfactory because it fast and the price is relatively cheap. Moreover, there is a warranty for one year so that makes me very confident. But not until one year I had to feel strange. Performance of this laptop becomes so heavy and fast heat, until finally died and I cannot turn at all. I brought the laptop to the store where I purchased in order to obtain warranty. After getting repairs, a few moments later the laptop is experiencing broken up many times and I have a lot of money because the warranty is up. Finally, because I was tired, when the laptop is broken I do not bring it back to the store. I was already annoyed. I disassemble the laptop and I took the hard disk. I bought a laptop hard drive casing for the hard drive so I can still use.

So that’s why you must be careful in choosing a laptop. Do not just be fooled by the cheap price but not compromising quality so durable. If you want to buy a laptop this year you need info about the best laptops 2014. Hopefully I created this site to provide information about later development of the best laptop for you.

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Buy a laptop as needed

Well, thank you for your visit. I dedicate this site to you, who are seeking information on best laptops 2014. We all know that the development of laptop technology has moved quickly at this point. Therefore when you want to buy a laptop, you should look for as much information so that it has sufficient information dreams in buying a laptop.

In choosing a laptop there are some important factors that need our attention. The most important factor for me is: what activities do you do with the laptop. Do you want to process the data, make graphic design or game play will determine what type of laptop is different. If your goal and your laptop right selection, then you can lower the cost and upper the productivity. Laptop to play games is provided with high specifications for high graphics requirements. If you want to use your laptop to perform the data, you do not need a laptop with high graphics capabilities.

So first determine your needs and happy hunting laptops.

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